The Bikini Hockey League Winter Classic Roster



We invite to learn a bit more about a sampling of some of these amazing athletes. Coming to us from all across the United States and Canada, we have quite an impressive list.


ERIN H. Detroit, MI

By the age of 16, Honto, a native of Detroit, Michigan, had been playing ice hockey for twelve years and made the Lake Placid Top 50 in the U.S. Junior Olympic Camp. She is a five-time state champion AAA hockey player and plans on trying out for the 2013 national team. Honto entertained several full ride offers to play in college but took a break and has been living in New York modeling full-time. “I decided to try out for the Bikini Hockey League because there is nothing like hockey! I love making a great play but often getting the assist is better than the actual goal.”

CASSIE C. Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Growing up in a community where hockey is similar to breathing, Cassie grew up with a stick in her hand and a rink in the backyard. “If playing make believe NHL in your backyard counts as playing professional then I’m a skate-in for the BHL,” said Cassie. Cassie tarted figure skating when she was six years old and then began playing hockey at the age of ten. At the University of Guelph, she played A league hockey while working on her Bachelor of Commerce degree. “My strength is speed. I like to hit and snap shot.”

KELLY L. Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Kelly has been playing hockey since the age of four. She played travel A and AA level hockey in Canada and was a dual-sport recruit for the University of Canada in hockey and track and field. She ultimately decided on track and field and persued her interest in hockey on recreational leagues that were primarily male dominated. The one thing Laing dislikes about hockey is the negative connotation that comes with girls who play hockey. “People tend to think that women who play hockey are husky and manly. I want to prove that most women who play hockey DO NOT fall in this category.”


Another Division I women’s hockey player, Jessica set career records while a student at Syracuse University. “I have played for teams all over North America and Canada and skating comes naturally to me. I’m excited about the BHL because there are not a lot of options for women to play hockey after college and have fun with it. There is some real talent in all prospects and I’m looking forward to collectively putting all of our skills in the rink together.”

SOPHIA L. Yarmouth Port, MA

Sophia grew up playing hockey with the boys starting at the age of two. She was voted best skater in high school, awarded Maine’s athlete of the year in 2011 and served as the captain of five different teams – still, with teams dominated by males. She has played on countless teams and won numerous tournaments  “I’m here to show everyone that I can skate circles around you, no matter what I’m wearing and showcase what real sportsmanship is.”

JESSICA M. Green Bay, WI

Like several other prospects, Marshall does not agree that girls are not able to check like guys in hockey. “I feel the rules should be the same.” Jessica grew up figure skating in Columbus, Indiana and transitioned to hockey at the age of 15. When high school ended, she turned her hockey attention to recreational teams and serves as a Wild Ace for the Green Bay Gamblers USHL hockey team.

KATIE A. Murrietta, CA

The youngest prospect for the Bikini Hockey League, Alexander worked her way to the Tulsa sizzle reel video shoot from her ability to market herself and the BHL on social media at an impressive clip. Through the process of filming to now, Katie has been honing her skills as goalie.

HEATHER M. Scottsdale, AZ

Heather is the oldest prospect for the Bikini Hockey League and has been dubed  “Hot Hockey Mom.” She became hooked on skating after her son was invited to try out the local hockey program. Since then, she has been on the ice crew for the Phoenix Coyotes, models for the clothing line Sauce Hockey and spends about 12 hours a week in skates. Between assisting with her son’s team and volunteering for the Friends of Tanner Catalano Foundation, she is busy being a hockey mom to everyone she meets.

SABINA S. Strathroy, Ontario, Canada

A bikini and fitness model, Scott too grew up on skates in Canada. When the possibilities dwindeled to take hockey further after high school, Sabina took to fitness competitions and has placed in several meets across Canada. Her athletic ability and rock-solid workout routines are sure to give other prospects a run for their money.  “I’m petite and love everything about hockey.  I’m not built like a refrigerator but very agile and a team player.”

MOLLY H. Bradenton, FL

Molly lives for the moment when you line up at the blue line for the big hit.  The adrenaline rush is what she lives for when on the ice.  Her biggest dislike about hockey is all the padding so, “bring on the bikini’s,” said Higgins.  “I have played on travel teams, house teams and now adult leagues.  When I heard about the talent the BHL is bringing I couldn’t wait for fans to start lining up.”

SAUNDRINE L. Columbus, Ohio

As the ice girl for the NHL Sirius Radio Channel, you can hear Saundrine once a week tell her latest hockey adventure.  Playing hockey since she was three and now on a club ice hockey team at Ohio State, Saundrine loves playing goalie. “I love it when fans see me without my hockey gear on because they can’t imagine I’m this small,” said Saundrine.  “I love being able to take on a different personality when I play goalie and go hard in the zone.”


 From the age of 6 until she was 10, Samantha was a mite with the Joliet Jaguar AA Hockey team as a goalie.  She was the only girl.  Then, she switched to play for an all girl AAA team where everyone was five years older and she soon realized she missed playing with the boys. In high school, she hit the record books being the only female of the Chicago Elite Catholic High School Men’s program.  And because of this, Ohio State started the recruiting process.  But due to an illness in her family, she declined the Ohio State opportunity and accepted a softball scholarship closer to home.  If anyone was made to play goalie for the BHL, it is Samantha. She always has her teams back!

BROOKE D. Las Vegas, NV

Starting her hockey career at the age of 12, Brooke caught the hockey bug that lead her to playing for travel teams all through high school.  A foot injury sidelined her college career, but she is back on the ice and ready for action. “The one thing I dislike about hockey is all the equipment you wear that makes it time consuming to get ready for a game.  By wearing bikini’s to play . . .it just got a whole lot easier!”

MARENA L. Minneapolis, MN.

Marena admits her two favorite things are hockey and bikinis.  So when she heard about the BHL, she was one of the first to submit her application. Since not many opportunities exist for women hockey players after college, she stuck to her studies instead. She scoots the puck every Sunday and Wednesday on a men’s  league and loves it.  Even when she had to get 10 stitches inside her lip, she still plays.

TRISH W. Kailua, Hawaii

Trish will admit that meeting her is like meeting a Jamaican bobsledder – it’s absurd to meet a girl from Hawaii that knows hockey, but it works.  When she was young, her family moved from Hawaii to Michigan and it allowed Trish to play hockey for 12 years.  Her skills provided several college recruiting trips, but when her father was diagnosed with cancer her senior year, she stayed in Michigan to attend Michigan State.  Because Michigan State does not have a D1 team, she decided to find a life outside the rink and have fun with hockey for once.   Trish is excited for the BHL and in her words, “I have the skills, the look and the attitude. What’s better then a girl who can snipe and look good while doing it?”  Game on!

KATIE H. Las Vegas, NV

Having grown up in a small town in Idaho, Katie has always been a tomboy (except for her love of shoes). She quickly found her passion for ice hockey, which she lived and breathed for years, playing on both boys’ and girls’ teams twice a day, seven days a week. She graduated from the National Sports Academy in Lake Placid, NY, where she was the hockey team’s starting goaltender. Katie is also a rising NPC star and BSN girl.


Hockey to Stephanie is more than a game. Hockey is something that molded her into the person she is today.  Not only does she stand out as a fantastic “chick with a stick”, she realizes she is the “different one” as the only African American in the rink. Even though she grew up in an area where there were not any school teams for her to participate in, she still practiced every day on ice and asphalt.  The girl loves to skate and you will love watching her on the ice!  Stephanie is the total package!

MEGAN B. Oshawa, Ontario, CANADA

Even though Megan just surpasses five-foot in height, she is a force to be reckoned with on the ice.  She is fast and can get out of a jam in nothing flat. She doesn’t just practice hockey, she also keeps up with endurance exercising. She can go all three periods and still have gas in the tank!

KRISTIN M. Indianapolis, IN

Kristin thinks female hockey players have a bad reputation as most consider them “butchy”. But she is here to set the record straight that female hockey players can be sassy, competitive and kick-ass! After hanging up her figure skates, she switched to playing hockey in a girl’s club in her hometown where she was the top scorer for 3 years and team captain for two years.  She is ready to play for the BHL because checking is allowed and that is what makes this sport fun!

DAWN S. Salt Lake City, UT

Also known as “Shins”, this girl from the Land of Mormon, is a certified EMT with a Bachelor of Science in Fire Science.  Can you say HOT? Her ex-pro-hockey-hubby has really helped to brush up her skating skills and now she plays for the Salt Lake Women’s Hockey Team in her spare time. But before the skates, it was skis. This top athlete skied professionally for five years including the 2000 ESPN X Games and the World Extreme Skiing Championships.

AMANDA G. Smithtown, NY

A competitive figure skater at heart, Amanda isn’t afraid to switch it up and put on the helmet and skates without toe picks to get competitive! “Hockey is a male dominated sport, but us girls still have the chance to keep it feminine, badass and sexy at the same time,” said Goldman. “Event though I am a double-gold medalist in figure skating, the rink is my second home and I’m up for the challenge of showing what I’ve got to the BHL.”

CATE J. Hampstead, NH

Playing hockey since the age of 5, Cate has mostly played on men’s teams.  But, her experience on women’s teams does include two appearances at the USA Hockey National Championships. Even though she was recruited to play for Nichol’s College, other opportunities presented themselves.  “I like the physical part of hockey and being able to get out there with guys or girls and make them look like fools.  I’m really good at putting the biscuit in the basket.”

KELLY D. Chicago, IL.

When your older brothers have played for the NHL and your family doesn’t think hockey is a “girls sport”, you instead spend your time at the rink figure skating. Kelly skated for 20 years as a national figure skating competitor, but always knocked around the puck with her brothers. She is excited to be on the roster for the BHL as it combines all the things she is good at: skating, being competitive and being sexy in a bikini.  A professional model by trade, the ice will have never looked so good!